It's Better to Swivel than Slide
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Pro Series Care and Maintenance
Grease each grease zerk located inside each drawer at the swivel point every 12 months.

Clean interior and exterior surfaces with mild soap and water.

For best performance it is recommended to ensure that the unit is leveled with adjustable feet.

Depending on the environment that your Swivel Storage Solutions Product is located in, the magnets located on the rear of each drawer may collect metallic debris over time which may inhibit the drawers from staying completely closed. This may affect the locking mechanism as it will not engage properly due to the drawer not closing completely. Should this occur, open each drawer one at a time (never open all drawers at the same time). With a glove on the hand which is to be used to clean the metallic debris, wipe off the magnet on the rear of each drawer. This will restore proper closure of the drawer and proper operation of the locking mechanism.